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Your business is your livelihood. It’s your baby. It’s what brings you passion and joy, but it’s also what brings you your income.

Sure, it’s easy to start a business without an attorney. Put together a website, get some emails out there and start recruiting customers. But what if a business relationship goes sour? How do you handle hiring employees or contractors? How do you protect the assets in your business?

Any time you start a new venture, but especially when your business is growing, it’s important to have all the legal pieces in place. You need to know that you are protected and that contracts and agreements are place—before something goes wrong.

In addition to establishing start-up, ground-zero business documents, I can ensure a joint venture or partnership gets started on the right foot by establishing partner agreements. If you’re starting a business with a friend or family member, things might look rosy today but the last thing you want is to strain your personal relationship because you didn’t communicate fully at the beginning of your business relationship.

Business Planning Services Include:

  • Operating Agreements
  • By-laws
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Leases
  • Employment Contracts (nondisclosure/confidentiality agreements, non-compete agreements)
  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Promissory Note/Loan Documents
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Asset Purchase Agreements
  • Succession Planning

The Process

After our initial consultation to make sure I’m a good fit, I can help draft the paperwork needed in your business. That can include any of the above, depending on where you are in your business. If your business includes at least one other partner, we’ll prepare a partnership agreement and review it together.

As a business owner myself, I understand that your time is valuable. Most, if not all, of the work can be done over the phone or electronically.


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Q & A About Business

I found a website with templates I can download. Why do I need to hire you?

Templates are a great place to start when establishing business contracts. They will save you time and money. However, every state has different laws and regulations. Arizona businesses should have an Arizona attorney review the documents to ensure that they are enforceable in this state.

If you have templates that you’d like to customize and make your own, I can review them for you to ensure they meet your needs and Arizona law.

I have some contracts that I’ve been using for years. How do I know if they’re enforceable?

I provide review services to my clients. I’m happy to take a look at the documents you use and give you feedback on changes or additional documents you should have to protect yourself and your business.

Do I need to form an LLC for my business?

It depends. There are different business structures with advantages, disadvantages and tax implications. Talking with an attorney and a CPA will help ensure you choose the right entity for your business.

I have had my business for a few years and never had a service agreement with my clients. Is it too late to put one together now?

Absolutely not! Outlining the services you provide your clients, your fee structure, expectations, etc. is so important in having a good client relationship. You may not have had any issues up to this point, but as you grow and continue to attract new clients, the chances you’ll run into an issue will only increase.

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