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Business Planning

You're a business owner

Running a business is about so much more than simply doing what you love. There’s bookkeeping and taxes and client interaction to think about. And there’s also the legal side—operating agreements, employee documents and client contracts, to name a few. And while you can DIY some of these forms through fly-by-night legal forms websites, there’s no way to know if these standardized templates will work for your unique business.

Get legal advice from a professional who owns her own small business and has been in the trenches too—just like you. Find out what documents you need to protect your business.



Estate Planning

You need a will

If you have assets, you need a will—whether you have minor children or not. And if you do have minor children, it’s even more important to have a will.

It’s not fun to think of an estate plan, including a will and other end-of-life documents, but they’re a necessity if you want to ensure your family is taken care of and doesn’t have to deal with the stress and paper trail that usually happens when someone dies without a will. Other documents can also help reduce your family’s tax burden, ensure that your wishes are carried out if you’re incapacitated and provide care for dependent adults in your care. A will isn’t just for the elderly—it’s for anyone who wants to give the gift of peace of mind to their family. Start planning yours today.


Avvo Reviews


Nicole Pavlik Law Firm

What Clients are Saying About Nicole:

In my life, I've had the distinct displeasure of dealing with lawyers on both sides of the table. As a 23 year vet, I've only found 1 lawyer who shared the same level of integrity that I hold dear. When I recently moved to the area, I was forced to go through the familiar discomfort of vetting someone new who I needed to help me build and establish my multiple businesses.  As it happens, Nicole answered her phone when I called 30 minutes after her normal business hours!  I was very surprised since I was expecting to leave a message for a return call the next day, like most other firms I'd contacted.  So to make a long story short, now I've found 2 lawyers that share my same level of integrity. Not only that, but Nicole is very sharp, turns projects around quickly, and her rates are extremely reasonable.  I am extremely glad that she's there when I need her and very happy to consider her part of my team~ Robert C.

For my husband and I, Nicole simplified what can be a very detailed and complicated matter.  She listened carefully to each of us and followed through on all the details that are part of estate planning with a thoroughness and on a time schedule that amazed us -- and she did that for a very reasonable amount of money.  I like her work and I trust her.       ~ Nancy F.

After reading many positive reviews about Nicole, I went to her to set up my personal Trust Account.  The entire process couldn't have been better.  Appointments were easy to obtain, she was always on time and well prepared.  She prepared my Trust quickly and efficiently and her price was reasonable.  I had been apprehensive about the whole process but she made everything simple and easy to understand.  I took the paperwork Nicole gave me to Wells Fargo Bank to change some of my accounts and they wanted me to be sure to let her know THEY were impressed with her paperwork, they said everything was laid out crystal clear and in a very organized fashion, compared with some of the other attorney paperwork they deal with.  100% happy and would definitely recommend Nicole!  ~ Gail G. 

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